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  • B Integrators (IDP) Initial Digital Presence mission is to connect 53 million businesses with over 600 million internet users in India.

  • Our Vision is to let them do it simply, easily and quickly.

  • Our great Vision is to create a Business world which is full of meaning, prosperity and connection for all. We deliver measurable results to the Vendors, Clients and Employees.

  • Our services provide the best customer results and possibly deliver the wow factor.

  • Our Mission serves as a scope to fulfill all the Business possibilities. For every mission, there is a great need to consider the greatest goal.

  • Some goals that should be considered are increasing profit, increasing ROI, improving the differentiation lead with purpose and improve organization culture.
  • Problem Statement


    Starting a business is a significant achievement for many entrepreneurs, but maintaining one is the larger challenge.


    There are many common challenges every business faces, whether they are large or small. These include:

  • Hiring the right people
  • Building a brand
  • Developing a customer base, and so on
  • Features


    • Our main focus is to help you with Online Marketing –
    • Strategic communication
    • Risk mitigating
    • Deliver different marketing assignment.
    • Corporate communication focused on your targeted groups to reap the benefits of public relation and content marketing.


    • Creativity and Communication come first before you plan for any digital campaigns – be it social media,
    • Performance Marketing
    • Landing page
    • Outreach
    • Ecommerce
    • Display Advertisement, and so on

    Marketplace Services –

    • Customer Service
    • Promotion
    • Product Listing.

    Services in I.D.P Program:

    • Ecommerce Listings on Major Marketplaces in Your Category.
    • Multipage Dynamic Website/E-commerce Website in Your Category.
    • Social Media Brand Promotion.


    E-commerce Listing

    • Catalogue Service
    • Account Creation
    • Product Listing
    • Promotion
    • Daily Updates
    • Marketplace Boost Services
    • Product Portfolios Creation

    Webite Development

    • Multipage Dynamic website.
    • 1 year maintenance .
    • Google AD (Optional, paid by client).
    • Web Master Integration in Website.
    • Professional Content for SEO Optimization.
    • Favicon for brand awareness.
    • Professional world class Banners..

    Social Media Promotion:

    • Any 3 Social Media channel setup and operating with creatives.
    • 8 Creative with copies per month with professional content.
    • Ad Promotion.
    • Analysis & Reporting monthly.
    • Influence Outreach (On Actuals)..

    Google My Business

    • Google My Business Account Integration



    ₹ 60,000
    ₹ 50,000
    Plus 18% GST

    • Ecommerce Listing on Major Marketplace
    • Multipage Dynamic Website
    • Social Media Brand Promotion
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    ₹ 55000
    ₹ 45000
    Plus 18% GST

    • Multipage Dynamic Website
    • Social Media Brand Promotion
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